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Employment Opportunities

Please submit application to Adonus Burton at

We are always striving to meet the needs of parents and our campers by employing the best coaches. The characteristics that we look for in our coaches are:  being dedicated  to teaching our campers the skills they need to be competitive, having a high level of expertise/experience,  displaying a pleasant and professional attitude, and showing a concern for the campers overall development.

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT complete a background check until you have completed an interview and have gotten clearance to proceed from the interviewer.  

***All potential employees/volunteers must attend a mandatory meeting***

***All potential employees/volunteers must have reliable transportation***

***All potential employees/volunteers must pass a background check***

***All potential employees/volunteers must go through the interview/screening process***



Responsibilities & Compensation

Lead Coaches:

Responsibilities: managing staff; maintaining the overall structure of the site and program, following the "Discipline Cycle" for campers, and building good relationships with the host facility, participants, and parents.

Experience: former or current college player, former or current professional player, high school head or assistant coach.

Compensation: $70 - $80/per day



Responsibilities: teaching basketball fundamentals and advanced skills; coaching; refereeing; following the "Discipline Cycle" for campers, and keeping the campers engaged and on task throughout the day. 

Experience: College level playing experience or high school senior with current scholarship offer. 

Compensation: $55 - $65/per day


Assistant Coaches:

Responsibilities: assisting the coaches with drills, coaching games, refereeing and making sure the campers stay engaged and on task throughout the day. 

Experience: high school junior or senior with varsity basketball playing experience

Compensation: $40 - $50/per day