Camp Curriculum

Summer Basketball Camp and Spring Break Basketball Camp Curriculum:

1. Fundamentals and advanced skills developmental stations
2. Conditioning, speed, and agility stations; strength and resistance training
3. Basketball terminology and basketball rules
4. Various basketball drills
5. Full court basketball games
6. Various contests (1-on-1, Free Throw, Hot Shot)
7. Guest speakers
8. Instructional videos: "Better Basketball", "Magic Johnson's Fundamental Basketball"
9. D.E.A.R-Drop Everything and Read (30 minutes of reading to keep the brain sharp)
10. Breakfast and lunch (Summer Camp), Lunch (Spring Break Camp)
11. Academic Enhancement:  Math and Science standards based curriculum tutoring

Summer Basketball Camp Special Activities:

1. We have partnered with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Development Team who provide a full day skills clinic which consist of basic skills teaching, interactive games and contests, and promotional item giveaways. Participants will receive a customized camp t-shirt, Hawks game ticket, an official Draft Day photo, and a Hawks Skills Combine certificate with their accomplishments.
2. We have partnered with VLOXX Sports which is a triad athletic service that provides fully automated evaluations, customized training and recruiting initiatives for players ages 8 to 21.  Their professional grade objective testing measures speed, agility, strength, power and sport specific skill sets. This true rating will be used as a tool to recommend training, international play and promote players to high school, preparatory school, post graduate and collegiate schools across the United States. 

Our goals for the Basketball Camps are divided into three areas: Physical, Emotional, and Mental

Physical Goals: To improve our campers basketball skills, help them gain a better understanding of the game of basketball, and instill in them the benefits of practice, exercise, and hard work.

Emotional Goals: To increase our campers confidence and self-esteem by redirecting their attention on developing, and getting results by focusing on the task at hand, instead of giving in to peer pressure or other such concerns or fears.

Mental Goals: To give our campers a clear sense of purpose and vision of where their skills can take them. To help them understand more about mental toughness required to make it in the physically demanding sport of basketball. To encourage them to make good choices which is an important part of their mental conditioning. Through encouragement, they can be successful at anything they desire. Everything is within their reach and they will  truly know, "The Sky Is The Limit".


Coach Rashad Jones

European Professional Player-Rashad Jones

The 3 Amigos

Keisha Brown (WNBA Player) talking to campers

WNBA bound